Solution as a Service

saasSolution as a Service

Tight competition in the markets today requires companies to better predict costs and restriction, by strict budgeting and outsourcing certain services on a monthly subscription basis.

PRODINF Software meets customers’ requests by providing a modern service concept: “Saas – Software as a Service”, namely, the delivery of a “complex service as electricity, monthly payment depending on the consumed time.

EMSYS – SaaS is the IT outsourcing service offered by our company and uses EMSYS – Enterprise Management System as instrument for the management of the organization.

The application may run very well with minimum communication resources; it provides a centralized data administration and can run independently of the hardware platform.

Users of the organizations that have chosen to benefit from EMSYS – Saas need only a regular computer and Internet access to use EMSYS application.

Organization beneficiary data are stored in “data center” of our company, configured as to ensure high tolerance for malfunction and a flexible and transparent possibility to increase system’s capacity depending on business needs.

EMSYS application runs on performant servers and are maintained by our specialists, with secure access.

Back-up servers located remote store back-ups of databases and of application and can be used as production servers (where database servers and application servers are unusable).

Internet services for customer access to EMSYS are provided by three independent suppliers.

All systems are powered via UPS and are in an appropriate environment.

The companies that have EMSYS – SaaS solution implemented, the possibilities to extend and to diversify increase greatly, by refocusing the valuable material and human resources to its core business.

The possibility to open any time, with a minimum IT&C infrastructure, new work points of the organization and managing processes on a high level of business mobility ensure the development of an efficient and performant management, smartphones included too.

Benefits of EMSYS – Saas:
– zero budgets for software and hardware
– 7/24 accessibility from any place with Internet access
– real time access to information
– short implementation time
– “disaster recovery” solution
– high security
– short implementation time
– access to qualified resources and dedicated support
– lower monthly costs and budgets
– application and database maintenance included
– specialized technical assistance etc.

The experience gained in 20 years of research and innovation, successful projects and solutions provided to customers are arguments of a long term collaboration and a quality guarantee for our service.