• Health, general, life
  • Products, processes, approval flows configurator
  • Bundle Products (life, general, health)
  • National and international activity organizations
  • Configuring products/processes per sales regions
  • Distribution channels, simple, complex, multilevel structures
  • Complex commissions, multilevel type, recommending type, at collection/payment configurator
  • Roles, responsibilities, competences limits configurator
  • Controlling processes
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Questionnaires – Quotations – Underwriting – Offers – Politics
  • People: customers, brokers, banks, agents, assignees, beneficiaries
  • Policies Administration (Insurance Contracts Management)
  • Health cards, dynamic insurance plans management
  • Investments funds management
  • Claim files management
  • Services providers, medical procedures, doctors, diagnoses
  • Regresses, debts recovery
  • Commissions, invoices, acquisition costs, DAC
  • Collection, payment ordinations, payments
  • Reinsurance management
  • Provisions, technical reserves calculus
  • Automatic actions, corrective actions
  • 100% financial-operational automatic conciliation
  • Financial, logistics, HR & Payroll
  • Technical and operational reports
  • Business Intelligence
  • P&L: Risk/Object/Product/Class/Line of Business, Units of Management
  • Integration with Document Management
  • SaaS & Cloud

Insurance companies are subject of a continuous change process due to the insurance market evolution, fierce competition, and customers’ requirements to receive customized products up to individual level, once with the financial performance predictability.

Insurance organizations have realized over time that informatics systems represent a real support without which they cannot live without, and their performances are reflected in financial-economical results.

Most of actual informatics systems in insurance societies, include multiple applications with different suppliers, based on different technologies, considerable financial investments interfacing, involving human efforts in using and auditing data. As a result, costs with informatics systems, in the actual context, are constantly increasing, reaching beyond the business lines level.

To launch new products on the market in shortest time, the existence of some performant informatics systems and of some well-prepared business consultants is crucial, to increase financial and operational performances of the organization.

It is quite clear that insurance societies performances will suffer if radical measures will not be applied regarding the choose and implementing of some integrated informatics systems to shorten time from the new products conceiving to launch them on the market, to substantially reduce human efforts on the entire chain between sales and reports, to present a correct information on each business structure performance, to adapt to new international and national structures.

Developing new business lines in the actual system must be extremely facile going to allow Bundle type products bidding to include life, non-life and health.

Large number of actors (brokers, banks, agents, inspectors, underwriters, actuaries, portfolio administrators etc.) requires a rigorous control on operative processes and of financial flows. The informatics system must ensure transactions traceability within the projects starting from operational documents, allowing any aggregate amount to be detailed until component elements.

Developing communication technology and processing systems enabled the outsourcing of informatics systems as well as of the business consultancy by specialized companies, considerably reducing costs and ensuring services highest quality.

Our solution for the insurance company meets insurance organizations to integrate sustain operational, support and of management processes, to give a solution to problems from actual informatics systems substantially contributing to the economic and financial performance of the insurance organization.

EMSYS provides easy setup system in shortest time of the insurance products (life, non-life, health),to be sold in any combination, individuals or in bundle type products , to configure sales and approval flows, competences and territories, configuring automatic reflection of operational processes in accounting, integrated with the support and management processes being processed into an budgets system organized environment, allocating indirect costs (support and management) on business lines and management structures, having as main principle “one man, one document, only once” transaction are real time available up to management reports.

Our application covers all operational, support and management domains within an insurance company. Ensuring an efficient usage and planning of financial and human resources, substantially contributing to economic-financial performances, adapting to market requests and satisfying customer’s needs.