PRODINF Software aims to contribute to the support of its business partners through:

– Outsourcing payroll services
– Economic consulting
– Economic – financial report consulting
– Hosting for applications and customers database


– Cost control and reduction
– Increasing service quality
– Continuity and availability guarantee
– Competent and experienced specialists who lead the implementation of best practices
– Safe Business

Software as a Service

Tight competition in the markets today requires companies to better predict costs and restriction, by strict budgeting and outsourcing certain services on a monthly subscription basis.

PRODINF Software meets customers’ requests by providing a modern service concept: “Saas – Software as a Service”, namely, the delivery of a “complex service as electricity, monthly payment depending on the consumed time.

EMSYS – SaaS is the IT outsourcing service offered by our company and uses EMSYS – Enterprise Management System as instrument for the management of the organization.

The companies that have EMSYS – SaaS solution implemented, the possibilities to extend and to diversify increase greatly, by refocusing the valuable material and human resources to its core business.

The possibility to open any time, with a minimum IT&C infrastructure, new work points of the organization and managing processes on a high level of business mobility ensure the development of an efficient and performant management, smartphones included too.
Users of the organizations that have chosen to benefit from EMSYS – Saas need only a regular computer and Internet access to use EMSYS application.

Benefits of EMSYS – Saas:
– zero budgets for software and hardware
– 7/24 accessibility from any place with Internet access
– real time access to information
– short implementation time
– access to qualified resources and dedicated support
– lower monthly costs and budgets
– application and database maintenance included
– specialized technical assistance etc.

The experience gained in 20 years of research and innovation, successful projects and solutions provided to customers are arguments of a long term collaboration and a quality guarantee for our service.

Training and Consulting

PRODINF Software can organize on demand training courses for learning to work with each EMSYS product: EMSYS Financial, EMSYS Logistics, EMSYS HR & Payroll, EMSYS Insurance, EMSYS Utilities, EMSYS Transport, EMSYS Budgetary, EMSYS University, and EMSYS Maintenance.

PRODINF Software provides specialized courses for database administration, Business Intelligence, document management and consulting for business processes optimization.

Project Management

PRODINF Software provides specialized Project Management services, PMP (Project Management Professionals) certified professionals, so that you can keep an accurate record of:
-Projects performance
-the costs generated by projects
-accumulated incomes
-operating time
-submitted efforts
-necessary resources, etc.

The experience gained in 20 years of national projects, successful projects and solutions provided to customers are arguments of a long term collaboration and a quality guarantee for our service.

Business Intelligence

PRODINF Software provides its clients by EMSYS BI & Performance Management module an analysis solution and advanced processing of performance indicators in order to obtain detailed reports and dashboards, in an intuitive graphical way, based on performance indicators needed to support strategic decisions.

EMSYS BI & Performance Management solution provides a set of tools designed to manage strategic, tactical and operational business. On the basis of the application modeling tools EMSYS can get information on: profit centers, business lines, flow chart, business units, cost objects, activities, and profitability segments.

Reports can reflect information on: planning, budget, forecast, industry average, the most performant competitor. They can be scheduled to run at a certain hour and can be distributed through different methods (including smartphones) to different persons.

– reports can be obtained directly from production database, without additional processing, thus having a real image of the obtained reports
– With monitoring instruments (dashboards and scorecards, graphic representations, drill down reports, alerts, data highlight, exceptions, etc.) the managers’ access to information and data is highly accelerated.

Technical Support

EMSYS Support Division, with experience in more than 150 successful projects, provides technical and operational expertise, to help customers maximize their investment in our products.

Our support specialists are available to answer customers’ issues and to give them the best solution to solve them. We know that time is money, so our response will be prompt.

Benefits of PRODINF Software support:
– Assistance at Customer’s office
– Assistance and on-line support via Internet
– Assistance at our office

Developing Applications

PRODINF Software can develop applications on demand based on specifications (Java, SQL, NOSQL technologies, Web/Rest Services ).

Benefits offered by programming division of PRODINF Software :

-integrity of existent applications with various products
-capabilities of developing mobile cross platform (IOS,Android,Windows Mobile) by using Apache Cordova /PhoneGap
-optimizing /architecture analyze/existent code
-collocation team at the client or remote development during the project
-dedicated development team / test applications
-training in JAVA /SQL technologies (more than 14 years of experience in production)
-capabilities of building private/public cloud (OpenStack) solutions