EMSYS – Logistics

Designed for efficient management of all variables specific for logistics activities, fast availability of information necessary for quick decisions and well documented, cost optimization in order to maintain competitiveness. EMSYS Logistics allows real time control of acquisition processes, production, sale and stock management of finite products, merchandise, packaging, raw materials, materials, inventory objects, protection and work equipment for trade, productions and custody.

The solution allows modeling analysis dimensions in order to define business processes on any dimension specific to the organization: business unit, profit center, business lines, organizational structures, and profitability segments, cost objects, etc.

Analysis dimensions correlation with real structures of the organization and the automatic allocation in transactions, enabling technical-operational information to be also interpreted as a business process. Integration of complex logistic flow management system with organizational economic-financial management, allowing accounting monograph configuration for specific transactions and generate automatically the corresponding accounting transactions.

Organization of registration documents as continuous process (one can work on several open periods, operating a transaction does not depend on closing the previous period).

EMSYS Logistics Modules:
– Sales and Distribution
– Production
– Acquisitions
– Retail
– Inventory Management