EMSYS – HR & Payroll

Designed to maximize investments’ profitability in human resource. Company’s efficiency and performance are influenced by the human resource of which disposes. EMSYS HR assumes that human resource represent the most efficient component in the fight to improve the performance of a company.

It is absolutely normal to watch costs with human resource as an investment. And as any investment, even this needs to bring greater profit. A management system of human resource offers by excellence costs reducing, by economizing time and by automatizing processes within the human resources department. But, view as an investment, such a system can offer much more.
By self-service, training, developing, evaluation and compensation gateways, EMSYS HR supplies the ideal way to maintain the human resource involved and satisfied. It also supplies instruments necessary to superior management levels to track, analyze and decide to improve performances.

Personnel Administration
Provides instruments for defining organizational structures, data administration from personnel file referring to identification, work place, home, labor book, work contracts, seniority, professional preparing, civil status, family, education, military situation, unworked periods.

The payroll model applied to employer is described by a series of characteristics necessary and sufficient for framing and identifying person.

Employee’s history is given by all events happened from the employment until contracts’ ending.

Time Management
Offers multiple possibilities of collecting timesheets: self-control, presence sheet, collective presence, by the access control systems. System ensures the timesheet data access security between Ponte by defining access rules and data manipulation.

Provides complete control on processing rules and calculus used in payroll.
Authorized users have the possibility to design formulas and calculus algorithms.
Offers access to payroll information, for tracking and monitoring costs with sales force. There can be estimated and tracked expenses and payments corresponding to payrolls until employers’ level.

Recruitment and Selection
Represents a collection of management functionalities and data collection referring to candidates’ recruitment, personnel recruitment modalities, job request, information about candidates, recruitment agencies, responsible with recruitment and personnel selection (external and internal).

Scholarship and Training
Implements functionalities of management and studies collection, specializations, individual and professional cycles, training modalities, objectives, training functions and stages. There are stocked data referring courses suppliers, course trainers, examination commissions, existing the possibility to plan the training sessions. Costs generated by the training activity can be tracked up to employees’ level.

Performance Evaluation
Performs the management of competences and aptitudes, of personnel evaluation sessions, dealing the job sheets, reports for promoting personnel, tracking career.

Automatic generation of monthly statements and corrective statement in electronic format regarding the payment obligation of the statuary contributions of society and employees including generating the general ledger of employees.

Other systems integration
Automatic generation of the payroll accounting statement and of payment statements corresponding to payroll payments to the state, banks or third-parties and the passing into financial accounting and costs of elements resulted from the payroll calculus and taxes associated to these elements.

Disposes of a series of instruments to design the export formats for banks. Flexible model of data allow a rapid integration with other informatics systems.