EMSYS – ERP System

EMSYS is a web application with real time information for the public and commercial organizations’ management of medium and large dimensions, but can also be successfully used for small organizations. It addresses to group organizations, holdings, or with territorial dispersion (subunits). Organization on departments on any levels is easy to achieve.

It is an ERP product and represents support for the integrated management of financial and human resources, assets, stocks, and services to maximize performance. It integrates the operational processes for the following industries: insurance, utilities, construction, food, manufacturing, retail, transport, sales and distribution, e-commerce, public sector, universities, crude oil and gas extraction, other industries.

EMSYS is an application that disposes of numerous instruments, facilities of designing and configuring addressing to users. It allows dynamic remodeling of organizations without the need of programs suppliers’ intervention or of specialty consultants. There also allowed real time remodeling definition (codes). Time factor is present in each definitions’ life.

Another main characteristic is the new users understanding as well as applications’ operation without being necessary to memorize ids, codes, facile searching for information on diverse natural criteria. EMSYS allows designing users’ responsibilities in the system on the date segments inaccessible to them being possible to design plenty profiles for user.

EMSYS starts designing with organizations’ objectives. Any objective can be tracked distinctly as a process with the following stages: planning, financing, budgeting, expenses commitment, contracting, receptions, payment ordinations, payments, collection, consumption, production, sales, reporting. The organizations’ objectives can be classified as operational, assets management, investment, financial, social, of environment etc, by integrating it into organizations’ budgets system.

EMSYS provides organizations’ dimensions, parameters and functionalities to achieve a performant managements: Business Unit, Fund, Profit Center, Cost Object, Activity, Budget, Financing Source, Budgetary Item, Currencies, Chart of Accounts, Accounting Ledgers, Business lines, Geographical Aria, Division, Sales Organization, Distribution Channels, Procurement, Agent, Items Groups/Subgroups, CPV List, Group of Services, Managements, Shops, Partners’ Groups, Contracts (Sales, Procurement), Orders (Procurement, Sale, Work),Price Lists (Sales, Procurement), List of discounts, Product structure, Work Jobs, Technological operations, Commercial Conditions, Organizational structure, Payment structure, Sections, Workshops, Work Formations, Projects, Projects Portfolios, Estimate Item, Assets Portfolios, Groups of Assets, Locations, Systems, Type of Maintenance Works, Standards, Organization Consolidation, Confidentiality, etc. All these dimensions are available in the operational processes, financial, logistics, of human resources explicitly or by relationships designed on dimensions specific to each domain.

The essential purpose of EMSYS application is organizations’ performance. Performance can be achieved as optimization, management and control processes of the organization, but the IT solution can influence costs diminishing. EMSYS, by the way of processing transactions, considerably reduces support costs for operation, reduces interfacing costs being an integrated solution, minimum costs when launching a new version by the persistency of modeling and configuring in the next versions, minimum costs of information auditing between organizations’ domains because they are automatically processed by the system. Also, modeling and remodeling processes and dimensions can be done by the beneficiary without the help of specialty consultancies. It is a real support in developing new markets, business lines and, not lately, supplies real time management information.

EMSYS is an internationalized application. Models international accounting and management standards by implementing an organizational culture and discipline.

In EMSYS it is implemented the “patrimonial integrity” principle in the sense that a responsibility is discharged by charging plenty responsibilities in perfect equality. The systems an audit done for any transaction by checking established constraint. Practically, there are no differences between domains, aggregated amounts could be established “audit trail”. EMSYS disposes of numerous functionalities for corrective actions, specialists’ intervention not being necessary.

EMSYS is an integrated application, and users have access to certain functionalities grouped on roles, applicable to certain segments of responsibility. A role applied on certain data segments constituted as profile. One user can have plenty profiles.
The principle implemented in EMSYS is “a man, a document, only once”, information being available when validating for other users, including analysis reports.

The concept of PRODINF Software, the producer of EMSYS application is to provide a solution for the management of organizations easy accessible to beneficiaries in the business modeling phase, and in smallest execution costs.