EMSYS – Project Management

EMSYS EPM (Enterprise Project Management) is EMSYS product for top-down management and integrated for organization’s projects.

EPM approach assures:

– Efficiency growth and processes fluidization involved in resources global planning

– Real time tracing of projects and consumption performance

– Reports accuracy and rapidity to management

– Projects line-up to the organization’s strategic plan

In the current economic conditions, the traditional approach strictly individually on project management or at most on project categories is insufficient. To solve the organizations’ management and strategic problems that lead their activity by projects and portfolio of projects, an integrated EPM is necessary in a performant ERP system.

EMSYS EPM is a unitary application that implements PMT (Project Management Theory) concepts and principles, PMT (Project Management Theory) standards, and also EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management) practices.

Projects are seen as part of the business organization; projects of various dimensions and from multiple domains can be declared, performed, traced and finalized, inside the same organization: operational, investment, social, research and development, advertising, human resources development, processes improvement, services automation, ETO (Engineer-To-Order) production type, new products development.


Portfolios, Projects, WBS – variable and unlimited number of tasks and levels

Resources on tasks: material, human, equipment, transport, services and subcontracting

Estimate items, standardized technologies Budgetary, financing Network of activities, milestones, Critical path, (CPM, PERT), Gantt


– Project management by authorized responsible

– Start partial/total tasks, Orders and work orders

– Performance with internal resources and/or subcontractors

– Processing purchase requests in SCM, MRP II application

– Capacity request planning (CRP)

– Management of changes, version, traceability changes

Follow up

– Startup operations and resources according to budget; tracing acquisitions, consumptions, outrunning/deviations

– Operations planning/re-planning, declare time sheet and progress of works

– Human resources application and performance analysis

P&L / portfolio, project, contract, contract position

– Value quantity analysis vs consumptions, deviations.


Easy integration in any operational environment, using PMT, PMI, EPPM standards
Efficient use of capacities and resources
Acquisition processes optimization
Raising success rate, projects profitability and risks reduction
Complete solution, by Integrating in real time with business processes from EMSYS Logistics, Financial, HR & Payroll, Asset Management and Investment Management.