EMSYS – Business Intelligence

EMSYS BI is integrated with EMSYS ERP connectors with dimensions and measures in accordance with EMSYS database modeling.
Based on the settings from EMSYS ERP, EMSYS BI models and remodels automatically and preserving history moment. In addition to EMSYS BI data cubes, additional cubes can be added by users, using multiple data sources (relational databases, .xls files, .xlsx, .csv, .xml files, etc.). Virtual cubes can be built on the multitude of defined cubes presenting information in a unitary manner.

EMSYS BI provides a set of standard reports, industry-specific processes addressed on the operational, financial, support and management and implementing the best practices. Based on the reports provided, the user has the possibility to edit and save the report in a new form in a special dedicated area. The reports provides, show status information, comparison budget vs prevailing, performance indicators and their evolution in time, reports where pursued exceptions can be selected.

Data transfer between production database and data warehouse is programmed by the user.