PRODINF Software since foundation proposed to offer clients an integrated solution for the organizations’ management from various industries. Almost all components are developed by us and some of other suppliers components were integrated in EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem.

The difference between us and other suppliers is that theory , the best general practices and those specific to various industries have been solved by implementing in EMSYS of design and configuring instruments. Basically, there is an application to all clients, not existing punctual adaptations, new program versions and being easy to implemented. Hence, the multitude of advantages that lead to a minimum TCO for similar applications.

It was also avoided the approach on modules by which data should be audited. In EMSYS once with validating transactions all processing are finished, data logical domains are automatically audited with no human effort.

It is fully implemented the ERP systems theory taking into account complex organizations, dynamic legislation, various practices.