lactag„Lactag’s profits increased almost four fold” read an article published în Jurnalul de Argeș on August 28th, 2014. The article was printed after approximately 6 months since the beginning of the implementation of EMSYS, the enterprise management solution offered by Prodinf Software. The signing of the contract on December 5th, 2013, was followed by an intensive restructuring process of all activities of milk and meat processing, distribution and retail ran by Lactag. This project has recently been successfully finalized and benefited from our over 24 years experience built in the solution we offered.

One of the critical aspects we addressed during the restructuring was the elimination of the various losses in the production and distribution flows. The optimization of these aspects is part of our “patrimonial integrity” concept and of our solution. Moreover, the proper reflection of all the organization’s activities in the financial and management reporting offered an unprecedented level of transparency and the required controls for truly managing the organization’s performance.

The Lactag experience allowed us to prove once more the high level of our competence and the abilities of EMSYS, the enterprise management solution we develop.

Article “Jurnalul de Arges”