Oil & Gas


  • Structures and geological formations
  • Geological layers, deposits, extraction systems, etc
  • Subsidiaries, scaffoldings, parks, wells
  • Crude oil extraction and /or gas
  • Specific manufacturing product processes
  • Auxiliary activities: samples, reparations, drilling, mechanical activities, transport, distribution, etc
  • Interventions Management
  • Costs Management
  • Crude oil unitary cost, gas, associated products
  • Indirect costs dynamic/ product
  • Deposits efficiency
  • Product level profitability / well
  • Assets, Investment Management
  • Safety stocks Management
  • Financial, Logistics, HR& Payroll

Deposits’ depletion degree, oil fields fragmentation, well small productivity due to wells’ dispersion and diminishing, crude oil quality gases need additional treatments, great financing costs of investments projects, logistical difficulties are major actual challenges in extractive industry.

Dealing with daily fluctuations of petroleum products prices in terms of global concurrency conditions, determines the necessity of a rigorous organization of analysis structures of products, services, activities, organizations’ departments profitability.

A performant management of costs can support companies in the industry in determining unitary cost for crude oil, gases and associated products (ethane, ethylene, gasoline, LPG, etc) on organizational structures, deposits, geological formations, extraction activities (crude oil, gas, obtaining other products in production process phases), extraction systems (terrestrial and marine, gas lift, injection, pumping, etc), wells park, scaffold, tube.

By real time control of all processes, from productions’ programming, purchase management and of collaborations with services suppliers, costs registration on production phases, assets and intervention management, until delivering production and determining total effective costs, managers have access to logbooks and business critical analysis as support in the decisional process.

Multitude of activities – extraction, injection, piezometric measurements, compression, drying, topping, deethanizer, purification, liquefaction, production samples, sand control, wells capital reparations, drilling on land or offshore, mechanical activities, energetics, transport, distribution, etc – determines simultaneous usage of plenty methods for total costs calculation and on product unit (crude oil, gas, associated products): complete cost method, ABC (Activity Based Cost)cost method, equivalence indexes method, global method, on phases, on orders.

Operational processes from Extraction industry are integrated with those from Logistics, Financial, HR & Payroll, Assets Management, Investment Management and Project Management supplying a complete solution that encourages the performance on the entire value chain of the organization.