Meat & Dairy Food Production


  • Dynamic processes with variable recipes
  • Production on stages
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Raw material batch traceability – finished products
  • Workstations with large territorial dispersion
  • Short term delivery processes
  • Process optimization supply
  • Supplies automation to own stores
  • Shipping, sales by agents
  • Technological loss control
  • Perishability control
  • Customers and suppliers management
  • Multiple measurement units / items
  • Quantifiable attributes: concentration, density, weight and volume, etc.
  • Substituted items
  • Diversity and new brands
  • Packaging and multiple labeling
  • Mobile equipment inventory, bar codes
  • Actual costs, cost calculation at product level
  • Estimated cost analysis / actual cost on structures

Food production companies have to face complex situations daily, generated by the field regulations, by the processes’ dynamic but also by the daily business realities.

The inevitable risks of this business type must be carefully managed in order to protect the sensitive profit margins.
EMSYS solution integrates production’s flow in the company’s resources by providing full management for the food industry processes reported to the mandatory standards and best practices. All processes starting from raw material acquisition down to its reflection in finished product cost are integrated in EMSYS solution.

It presents a high degree of configurability, synthesizes information during production process, optimizes raw materials inventory and keeps configurations’ history. It efficiently follows the orders during production phases – launching (generate production orders specific for each product), delivery, packaging, deposit, distribution.

Processes’ remodeling is done without stopping the operational activities, any update becomes active in the production flow. Data are automatically loaded in the new structures without disturbing the activity.

It has fast functionalities for specific processes and short term delivery. It provides management and track of specific manufactured products features.

From reception, the materials involved in the production flow, have the identification details of the supplier’s batch and can be identified in semi-finished or finished products. Finished products on batches is automatically administered by the system.
The continuous production flow requires the inventory to occur without disrupting production processes; to respond to this challenge EMSYS provides the real time inventory with mobile equipment of materials and products on different interest categories down to batch level: management, groups of products, subgroups of items, stock account, and item. Generating documents of plus and minus at inventory is performed automatically.

Instrument analysis for fast management decisions are implemented, including what if production, costs depending on specific indicators that are managed in lists with the possibility of adjusting during the analysis: transformation coefficients of materials’ values in production cost (concentration, density, volume, weight, efficiency, etc.), technological losses at production phase level, profitability, raw material collection vs direct acquisition from suppliers, dynamic calculation formula on process, highlighting exceptions, effective cost evolution on product, knowing at any time the orders from the customer to estimate the production (today’s orders for tomorrow’s production), tracking deviations from standards, etc.

Cost control and profitability analysis on each phase / stage of production, on product, business line, departments, groups / subgroups of products, partner can be performed at any time.