Design Your Business

designOrganizations performance differs depending on management, effective use of their resources (financial, human, material, assets), process control effectiveness, management structures, employees, etc. The organizations have different needs and the information system role is to capture in detail all aspects of their operation and to standardize them in an easy way to manage.

Organizations are in a constant dynamic. Can computer systems respond to this reality? What is the response time and the cost of adaptation needed? How many of the existing systems can model to adopt new management objectives? What is the total cost of the information system operation in the organization?

There are consulting companies that propose to re-standardize organizations according to a static model in order to impose their own solutions. This approach is neither realistic nor benefic for customers because it excludes the dynamic aspect of the organization and the success of projects will be on short term. Any strategy and objective modification of the organization needs new efforts and costs to be transferred in the management information system.

The ability to model and remodel dynamically the business according to plans and objectives of the organization that are constantly changing becomes a necessity that not many solutions can answer. The static and inflexible approaches are outdated by the current realities and the flexibility and adaptability are essential features of any solution that comes to help the development of the organization.

Are there such solutions? PRODINF Software created EMSYS –Enterprise Management SYStem – particularly to meet the new requirements and needs of each customer and taking into account the performance oriented organizations in the current context.
EMSYS has modeling and configuration tools accessible to business users from the beneficiary’s organization without specialize technical knowledge from their part.

Any activity inside the organization can be defined in the system and each definition has its own validity period. Any modification or replacement of the definitions does not require stopping the system so that any new business model can be implemented on the way, without involving additional technical or software development resources.

The system contains predefined analysis based on more than 30 years of experience in implementation projects, as well as best practices and approaches specific for each industry served, providing an ideal environment for managing the operation of any organization.

User access is customized according to access privileges of each company and is optimized so as to be more accessible and self-supported. More than that, the information supplied to users is customized and presented in the logical context necessary for efficient operation of the solution.

Structure and management modifications can be easily implemented by the beneficiary and data history remains unchanged, as they were inserted at that time.

EMSYS can model up to 999 organizations on the same database. A legal entity can manage within the same solution, a holding, a group of interest, different industries, private or public organizations. One or many profiles are established to each user (roles related to different segments of data), so that activities specific for multinational companies can be modeled, no matter how complex.
Data processing is completed with transaction validation, one period can be considered closed after each transaction is validated. After validation, the information regarding the activities of the entire organization become available in the reporting system, optimized to supply it in the shortest time.

The system provides a complete set of reports with multiple possibilities of selection and respecting specific requirements and best practices in each of the industries served.

EMSYS provides patterns to define new projects, in compliance with the industries, by providing a valuable know-how that the clients can benefit from without effort or additional costs.

By implementing EMSYS the organizations can restructure on the way, by implementing a new and performant labor division method. Trusting in principle “One man, one document, one time” it is avoided the introduction of redundant information, duplication of tasks and errors incidence.

Efficient management of financial resources represents the basis of the system by introducing a budget system that allows their allocation on objectives and management units, thus tracking profitability at any level of granularity (business line, management or territorial structure, cost/profit centers or cost object – most basic transactional unit) all viewed in the light of organization’s activity dynamics. A cost object can be dynamically allocated to any structure depending on management requirements while tax or management reporting, the results maintain their consistency.

EMSYS can model customized, with its instruments, each project, and the maintenance and support of the implemented system can be performed by the beneficiary with minimum resources.

PRODINF Software places the beneficiary on the first place so that the system should be a real support in organization management, performance measurement, process control and cost reduction including with the informatics system functioning. Dependence on the solution provider is minimum, resumed only to providing new versions and adjustment to new technologies.