In any organization one man bears the entire responsibility of management. It is up to him who he wants to work with.

Constantin ARSENE

General Manager, Prodinf Software

PRODINF Software, founded in April 1990, positioned itself on the market as complete solution provider for organizations’ management (multinational, holdings, territorial, small and medium enterprises, organizations, commercial and budget). PRODINF Software years of experience and innovation have made from EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – an informatics system on web architecture, in real time, robust, performant and unique for various industries: Insurance, Construction Utilities, Universities, Public Sector, Food Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Transport, Oil & Gas Extraction, Retail, Distribution, E-commerce, Resort Management.

The philosophy of the organization is to provide a completely different solution, as approach, than the competition. For that purpose, EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – exceeds applications’ level built on different modules that involve development teams for configuration, with large time implementation, long and hard to reach documentations, using highly specialized consultants, requiring IDs memorization and knowledge of allowed combinations from the lists of values with increased human efforts to audit transferred data.

EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – includes international theories and practices in compliance with specific legal requirements, being a real support for management of organizations. Thus, fast implementation, easy administration and low costs offer the Customer the guarantee for business continuity and the reduction of dependence on solution provider.

EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – facilitates business dynamic modeling and remodeling by the users, inducing the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in regard to other solutions from the same domain.

By means of unitary architecture and native integration of operational processes, support and management, EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – induces performance on the entire chain value of the organization.

Since 2004, EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem application – has been sold as service, without involving the initial budgets, projects SaaS – Software as a Service – being supported by our own hardware infrastructure or operated in Cloud systems.