hotnewsWithout question, any organization uses one way or another IT products and services. Each client is unique, the expectations in implementing informatics projects being specific and heterogeneous.

Often optimistic marketing presentations are in disagreement with the results achieved. Incomplete projects or with partial automation of processes, multiple records of the same document, stressful by documentations and ID memorization, applications from different suppliers are just some of the few aspects of implementations.

A paradigm is that projects were initiated for process management, costs optimization and return of investment, but the costs of IT projects grow continually in many organizations, enrolling in a spiral detrimental to client.

Large implementation terms, costly hardware infrastructure, poor maintenance, the impossibility of developing new functionalities for a performing management and new versions that are time and money consuming are just some of the few actual organization’s problems.

Shortly, these projects have not reached the goal for which they were initiated, so they have wasted time and money, and customers lost confidence.

PRODINF Software comes to answer the above problems with a new business model: unique management solution supplier, integrated IT project, without initial budget, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), payable in monthly installments after go-live.

Throughout those 25 years of activity, PRODINF Software developed an integrated application for organizations management in public and private field, EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem®, application implemented successfully in many national and international projects for various industries: Insurance, Construction, Utilities, Food Products, Manufacturing, Oil & gas, Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Higher Education, Resort Management, Public Sector, Transport, E-commerce.

The new business model implies the delivery of a service that sustains operational, support and management processes as a unique solution supplier.

The overall costs of such a service (hardware and software infrastructure, database and application licenses, their maintenance and administration, utilities, “Disaster Recovery” solution etc.), on the one hand, and implementation costs, on the other hand, are sequenced and paid as a monthly rent after project go-live, offering trust and fully guarantee that financial resources will not be wasted, in terms of integral resolution of established objectives.

„Today’s choice for tomorrow’s business” „Design your business”, „All in one solution”, „Software as a Service” represent the desiderata underlying applications and services provided by PRODINF Software.

Successful projects delivered according to the above model: Green Crescent Insurance Company (United Arab Emirates), LACTAG (Romania).

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