All In One Solution

allinAn informatics system is performant when helping organizations for all activities, processes, resources, etc., inducing minimum total costs.

We frequently assist to partial solutions, or multiple non-integrated applications, that rather than simplifying they are more complicated, involving huge financial and human costs. The interface of the applications is difficult by the number of involved suppliers, is difficult to maintain and audit transfer involves time and money. The implementation time is also very high.

PRODINF Software has proposed and realized EMSYS application that has all components necessary for an organization to plan and manage resources and processes.

An example of project management. Project management solutions are used mainly just to design the project. But the execution of the project, processes, resources employment based on project budget is impossible to connect with project management applications.

Every industry has specific operational processes and cannot be made through the same functions.

For the approached industries, EMSYS general functionalities were developed with specific functions. Basically, EMSYS includes functionalities of all approached industries and can model a group of heterogeneous companies.

Support management processes are common for all industries. There are a lot of components in EMSYS. For each industry separately, we will use only the necessary components.

This feature creates premises in fast implementations, cuts down costs and easy administration.